Will they ever be extinct ?

Sharks were here 400 million years ago. Thats 200 million years before there were dinosaurs. Scientists can tell how old the shark fossils are by the age of the rocks where they were found. Shark skeletons are hard to find because the skeleton is made out of cartilage, and cartilage is to soft to be formed as a fossil. Sharks have changed very little sense the time of the dinosaur. That is because the first sharks were good at casthcing food and didn't need to change.

Now sharks have an enemy that they never had before. The enemy is man. Sometimes sharks get cought in nets and get thrown back, or their fins are cut off and saved and the rest is thrown away. Many sharks are killed out of fear even if they are safe . Once lions and tigers were hunted for these reasons. Like lions and tigers sharks play an important roll in nature. Scientists are trying to learn more about sharks so that we can conserve them.